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LYA Partners

K.Y.D.A. Entertainment was created in 1996 in New York by Tawana Gilbert, aka, Tawana Lael, an entertainer herself, out of a need to satisfy a dream that she herself had once put aside. K.Y.D.A. is an independent record label and artist development company with a mission to teach the skills necessary to excel as a performing artist in today’s music industry. The company relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, in 2006. The acronym K-Y-D-A stands for Keeping Your Dreams Alive!

AREA is a comprehensive resource and incubator for arts and entertainment novices and professionals. From dance, to music, and drama; to artist development, music production and recording, AREA is interested in cultivating the entertainment stars of tomorrow.

It’s Just Us Productions, LLC is an Atlanta based, cross-media company, founded and operated by Charlene S. Bowden. It’s Just Us produces programs that are heard and seen by national and international audiences and has three inaugural entities operating under its brand: It’s Just Us Radio Show (IJURS), It’s Just Us Talk Show (IJUTS) and The Summit. IJU recently launched Hilda's Place and Living the Life I Sing About.;

​          Living Your Art:  CREATE...ACTivate...BElieve 

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