Many people know how passionate I am about artists learning to live their art. Hilda's place is an extension of my brand, Living Your Art, an artistic and career development process that I developed in 1995 to support creative beings of all ages and artistic disciplines achieve their goals. Living Your Art goes beyond the fundamental question of "How To" and seeks to uncover "What is in the way?"
I am a director, performing and literary artist who has been fortunate enough to build a successful career and knows firsthand what it takes to "stay in the game." I have been called a "walking institution" and it has always been my dream to create a "Room" for artists to have access without the worry of renting or needing to have a following, but instead a "Room" to develop and present their work. I am not just interested in helping an artist develop, but to also maintain their work. 
Hilda's Place: where art lives, is that "Room" located in Pilot Mountain, NC and features a cafe, lounge, and event space.